Robert Schnüll

Well thats me , I am a 23 years old student from Osnabrück Germany. Born in Kulmbach (bavaria) grown up in Meerbusch (next to Düsseldorf) and with some stops now living in Osnabrück. After my high school graduiaction i got an job offer from Krüger Kaldnes who noticed some of my works for Aquantis GmbH and asked me if i would work for them for a couple of month. So i moved to Drammen near Oslo and started to work on some 3D animation and visusalisations about water treatment of fish plants. After this I went to Osnabrück to study at the university of applied siences Osnabrück and things started to get crazy...

Since I designed/programmed my very first Website with 13 years I got the conflict between design and coding. Within every project people started to tell me that I have to decide if I am more addicted to coding or to designing things until I learned about interaction design. The field of interaction design is for me the perfect combination between several fields of works. Creative coding is a good example for the perfect combination of those two things.
But time moved on as well as my working focus. So actually most of my projects are interaction design projects related to installation design. Which combines design and coding with electrical engineering and many other fields.
In my opinion design isn't only the field of making things looks nice and make it good to use - for me design is even the idea of creating processes which are not only restricted to one field of work.





Study related projects

Mid 2015 MID4 InterTech


2015 MID4 IxD3


2015 MID3 IxD2


Late 2014 MID3 IMM2


Fall 2014 MID3 IxD2

Social Baking

Mid 2014 MID2 IMM1


End 2013 MID1 GdG


Reseach/ own projects

Early 2015 DFS

Concept Desk

2015 Project Mapping

Serum Syndic

2015 Music Installation

Serum 414

2015 Exhibition Design


2015 Industrial Design

Lack Freischwinger

Early 2015 Public Installation



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