Veolia Maintenance App

Veolia Maintenance App


The Veolia Maintenance App is a convenient way to keep track of done and to be done maintenance task in the different areas of your water facility. The app can filter for maintenance intervals, names, part descriptions and more. This way you have an easy overview for all the needed task. In addition to that you are able to send a finished maintenance report to a list of definable persons per mail when you are connected to a wifi network.

The major goal of this project was to realise it within one month from sketch. The creation of the concept based on design thinking methods used at the brainstorming meetings with the client was the framework for the development process. In the interdisciplinary workflow between UX Designer, backend developer and app developer the concept was transported into an working prototype within this short timeframe.





Concept, Code(Backend)

the attic GbR, 2016

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Veolia Maintenance App