Lack Freischwinger

The „Lack Freischwinger“ is a compact, easy to build table suited for exhibitions or displaying of artifacts. In a non-destructiv manner the freischwinger is build so that the two LACK tables can be used as they were intended to be used. With some zip ties, lasercut technologie and a few screws the table is assembled.
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The initial situation was that we only got two weeks time to realise our „Make it Wearable“ exhibition for the European Media Art Festival 2015 which covers several student projects of our class. The goal was to create 10 exhibition tables which are easy to produce, lightweight as well as customisable for every team - even the budget was limited to 200€ for the whole exhibition.


After evaluating several solutions based on laser cutter technology we identified that this was not able to create within two weeks. Based on this knowledge we shaped our view onto Ikea hacking. Ikea products are easy to assemble, mostly lightweight as well as widely available for low prices. We identified the lack table with its 45x 45 x 40 cm dimensions as the framework for our hack. We added a MDF plate to the top of the rotated tables which can be individually customised by the project groups. The plate is secured with some screws with the top table. As last the two rotated tables are connected with some zip ties together.


After the first exhibition ended every lack-Freischwinger was dissembled and could be used as tables in university related use based on its non destructive modifications. Quickly the lack-freischwinger was the casual exhibition platform for the „media interaction design“ program and was used for two years at nine different exhibitions.


Step 1. :

Put together two „Lack“ tables, as displayed in the assembly Instructions. Choose your own colors here. Watch out for this: Screw the legs in tight!

Step 2. :

Stack the two tables as seen on the image. Secure them together with some zip ties. Use two in either side for extra stability. Pro Tip: If your zip ties are to short, just put two or more of them together. This worked even better for us!

Step 3. :

Now its time to design the tabletop. If you have a laser cutter you can use our sample here . If not you can just cut it by yourself, by using the measurements in the pdf. We used 3mm MDF to create two similar boards. By using 5cm wood slats as spacers you get a super rugged construction with can be secured with four screws. For detailed pictures of this, head to the gallery.

Step 4. :

For lighting your tabletop we recommend any desk lamp. If you need a new one for this construction why not shop at Ikea .

## Step 5. : Voila! You build yourself a cheap, but not so cheap looking table for exhibitions, you art gallery or as a presentation table. Add things like power cords, security wall mounts or painting to suit your needs! Also, don’t forget to send us your creation to